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what the fuck france you can’t just fuck me up with your grammar like this what do you mean the noun has to go before the adjective 

Unless its a part of BAGS, beauty age goodness or size

La petite fille

Le grand chien

Le gros garçon

La jeune femme

Un bon repas

*war flashbacks of french 2 lessons*

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#Beeferoni on deck #ChefBoyardee (Taken with instagram)


#Beeferoni on deck #ChefBoyardee (Taken with instagram)


10 Iconic Propaganda Films

Please note that some of these films are dependent on offensive stereotypes and may contain false or misleading content to promote negative ideologies. These films are iconic because they effectively persuaded people throughout history. I think it’s important to be aware of the way propaganda is used in film so that we can challenge ourselves not to be manipulated in the present and future.

-Intern Amy (dancer68844)

The Birth of a Nation | 1915 | dir. D.W. Griffith

Battleship Potemkin | 1925 | dir. Sergei Eisenstein

Triumph of the Will | 1935 | dir. Leni Riefenstahl

The Grand Illusion | 1937 | dir. Jean Renoir

Reefer Madness | 1938 | dir. Louis J. Gasnier

The Great Dictator | 1940 | dir. Charlie Chaplin

Jud Süß | 1940 | dir. Veit Harlan

Why We Fight: Prelude to War | 1943 | dir. Frank Capra

Der Fuehrer’s Face | 1943 | dir. Jack Kinney

Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi | 1943 | dir. Clyde Geronimi

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Favourite character meme

One characterAbed Nadir, Community

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excited for the Hannibal Buress statue.

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Screenland, October 1949
Screenland, October 1949

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Nathan Fielder got a shout out from Men’s Health, but how accurate was he?

❝It’s natural to worry that the colossal success of a tightly formatted movie such as the new ‘Transformers’ will only stiffen the resolve of studios to repeat it, or will only solidify the shapes of existing pigeonholes and sideline unusual and distinctive movies even further. Yet such concern reduces to a mere snobbery of taste, a straw-person diversion akin to an opera house blaming low attendance at a production of ‘Salomé’ on a Miley Cyrus concert.❞
-Richard Brody on the real threat to independent film:

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